Educational Statement of Purpose

The school's current description of its educational approach

Original Publication Date: Adopted by the Board of Trustees in 2013

In 2013, after a number of years of meeting and drafting, the Board of Trustees adopted this description of the Roeper Educational Model. In it, the school points out that its educational approach is particularly suitable for gifted students, but that the model holds validity for all forms of education. The importance of authentic relationships, of giving all students a voice, of presenting multiple perspectives, of focusing on problems, projects and complex questions, and of an institution committed to equality and justice, among other elements, are the path to nurturing empowered, engaged adults.

The Architecture of a Roeper Education

The intersection of giftedness, the Philosophy, and pedagogy

Original Publication Date: Spring 2018

In this illuminating article by Roeper Upper School Director Karen Johnson, all the threads of a Roeper education are woven together: the tenets of the philosophy, their applicability to the complexity and precocity of gifted students, and the humanistic pedagogy that gives students their voice and their empowerment.

Citation: Johnson, Karen. “The Architecture of a Roeper Education,” Keeping in Touch: The Roeper School Community Magazine, Vol 11:3, Spring 2018, Bloomfield Hills, MI