George and Annemarie Roeper arrived in the United States in 1939, refugees from the Nazi regime in Germany.  As educators, they aspired to a humanistic, ethical, and joyful “philosophy for life” that would nurture children to become discerning, humane, and engaged adults. On this site you can find the history of these two remarkable people and the school they founded, and you can explore their ideas on education, human nature, giftedness, morality, and our complicated, profound interconnectedness.

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Let us talk about our tasks. We prepare our youngsters for college. This is a matter of course. But I consider preparation for college as half of our job. We also want to help our students to be amply prepared for this world in a social and human sense. We want our youth to have values, to understand their values, and to help them uphold their values…Regardless which way the country is going politically, to the right or to the left, youth will challenge the older generation and our institutions. We should not delude ourselves. Our youth will not become less verbal and less articulate, nor will they become less informed. The trend is inevitable, and I would say we would not even want it any other way.