Reactions to the death of JFK in Germany, Moscow

By George Roeper

Original Publication Date: November 1963

A flagpole ceremony

By George Roeper

Original Publication Date: June 6, 1969

In June 1969, the year of the school’s first senior class graduation, the school put up its first flagpole. The American flag that was raised was one that had flown over the US Capitol and had been given to the school by Sen. Philip Hart, a longtime friend of the school who had spoken at the dedication of the Middle Building in 1960. Parents and students had requested the flagpole and raised the funds for it. George, wary of unthinking nationalism after his experience in Nazi Germany, acquiesced to the community’s desire but expressed his ambivalence and hopes in his dedication speech.

A eulogy for Martin Luther King, Jr.

George's remarks on the loss of King

Original Publication Date: April 15, 1968

When Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated on April 4, 1968, George and Annemarie were on vacation in Mexico since it was the school’s spring break. George had been out of the country as well when John F. Kennedy was assassinated and felt bereft to be away from his country at these times of collective national trauma. When school resumed, there was an assembly to discuss the tragic events and this is the speech George gave at the assembly.

Lecture 4: The Role of the Community

In the last of a series, Annemarie discusses the importance of community

Original Publication Date: October 30, 1995

For many years, Annemarie would visit the school in October from her home in Oakland, California, taking advantage of the season that was her favorite Michigan season. She would meet with students, faculty, and administrators, catching up on the school and providing advice. During her 1995 visit, she delivered a series of four lectures on child development.  The lectures were recorded and we have transcripts of the sessions.  This is the fourth lecture, a discussion of the nature of community. The first, second, and third lectures are also on this website.