Memorial for George Roeper

A gathering was held at The Roeper School

A service to celebrate the life of George Roeper was held on the Bloomfield Hills campus in the outdoor space where George had overseen so many graduation ceremonies. Sunday, September 20, 1992, was a beautiful autumn day.  Students, alumni, faculty and friends contributed to a heartfelt event of music and memories. Annemarie and their three children attended, along with nearly 600 attendees — an indication of how many people cared about this gentle man who had been gone from the area for almost a decade. This collection of newspaper articles, editorials, and obituaries, as well as broad coverage on the local TV news, give a hint of George’s impact as an educator, a leader, and a friend.

Lecture 1: The History As Told by Annemarie

To begin a lecture series, Annemarie recounted the history of the school

Original Publication Date: October 10, 1995

For many years, Annemarie would visit the school in October from her home in Oakland, California, taking advantage of the season that was her favorite Michigan season. She would meet with students, faculty, and administrators, catching up on the school and providing advice. During her 1995 visit, she delivered a series of four lectures on gifted child development.  The lectures were recorded and we have video and transcripts of the sessions.  This is the first lecture, a history of the school, and the second, third, and fourth lectures are also on this website.