Gifted Child Institute Agenda

A gathering of experts to design a new program

Original Publication Date: May 30, 1956

The school’s transition to a school for the gifted was an extensive process.  In May 1956 George and Annemarie transferred ownership of the school to a non-profit educational trust so they could solicit grants and donations for the project.  On June 1, 1956, they held a gala dinner to launch the project.  George gave a speech explaining why it was important to take an interest in gifted children, because it was a somewhat controversial choice.  Some in the community were sad about losing this educational opportunity for any child to choose.  For more, see here and here.

This document is the agenda Harry Passow sent out to participants before the meeting, which was called The Gifted Child Institute.  It’s a sign of the more-relaxed pace of the times that the Institute ran for five days.