1981 Philosophy Statement

The definitive version of the Roeper Philosophy

Original Publication Date: April 1981

The 1981 version of the Roeper Philosophy was written by George and Annemarie Roeper soon after they retired from the school.  Over the years, they had written many statements at different stages of the school’s development.  As they were leaving active management of the school, they wanted to put in one place the ideas that they considered foundational to the school’s principles and practices.  They completed their statement in April 1981 and it was adopted by the Board of Trustees in June 1982.  Since then, the community has come together at various times to write new statements of the philosophy.  None of these is intended to supersede the 1981 version, but are contemporary re-statements of the ideas at the heart of the school.  The most current new statement was adopted by the Board in June 2010. Presented here are the original typescript submitted by George and Annemarie, as well as a retyped version that is numbered for ease of discussion.