1969 PTFA Presentation & Restatement

Sharing the philosophy with parents

Original Publication Date: May 13, 1969

Spring 1969 was a momentous time for the school, as it graduated its first high-school class.  In May, Annemarie presented a talk to the PTFA in which she reflected on the Philosophy and the ways it is influenced by social change in the larger society as well as the way it influences teaching methods. In this talk, she includes language for the first time that will be central to the definitive 1981 Philosophy. One interesting difference is that she speaks of “a complete commitment to reason rather than power.”  All later versions use the word “justice” rather than “reason.”

Annemarie’s presentation was reprinted in the school newsletter, Parent Communication, in the May-June 1969 edition.  Around the same time, a summary of the Philosophy  began circulating, which focused on the key points in a way that was particularly accessible.  Both the 1969 PTFA Presentation and the 1969 Philosophy Summary are included here.


1969 Restatement of the Philosophy