1969 Brief Statement on the Philosophy

The Philosophy grows along with the school

Original Publication Date: August 7, 1969

In June 1969, the school graduated its first class of high-school students.  In August, George Roeper released the 1969 Brief Statement reviewing the philosophy in light of having older students. He also includes his thoughts on how architecture can support their educational goals. In this statement, George reiterates the basic premises – diversity, attention to psychological as well as academic needs, and an atmosphere of trust and kindness. George makes greater reference, though, to his belief that students should aspire not only to meet their own life goals, but to advance human progress.

One aspect of this element is a more explicit expectation of excellence: “Since the school is for gifted students, excellence of performance is one of the objectives.”  George believed that the excellence gifted people are capable of is critical to solving world problems, and that the school’s program should free students to manifest that excellence.  He outlined aspects of the high school educational program that would promote that outcome:  students progressing at their own speed, some alternative to assessment by grades, more independent study, an interdisciplinary approach to subjects, and active participation by students in decision-making.