When I was at school as a student, we talked about the new things, the coming things, and sat in armchairs discussing how to reform the world, how to fight Hitler and the Nazis, but we did not do anything about it. We did not go out in the street and demonstrate for what we believed in, we did not go out and parade, arguing against dictatorships. We did not go out to the slums to help the poor, we did not help to teach the deprived. We only talked about it…There is a vast difference between talking about it and doing something about it.* It is easy to sit comfortably in the armchair and discuss these questions but it takes courage to initiate action, to show leadership and make people listen to you.

George Roeper in graduation speech at Windsor Mountain School, 1968.

*This sentence has been paraphrased for use on a T-shirt as: “There is a vast difference between talking about what we believe in and doing something about it.”

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